International Research Programmes Projects

This programme focuses on research and development projects in the fields of renewable energies, energy efficiency, water management and the Nexus (Water-Energy)
This research and development programme concerns the field of agriculture and has made it possible to select
This research and development programme concerns young researchers
" This programme concerns the partnership in research and innovation between Africa and Europe in the fields of food and nutritional security and sustainable agriculture"
This programme concerns the field of food systems and climate and has enabled the selection
It is a research and development programme that concerns the field of organic and sustainable food systems
This international research programme was jointly organized by the two cooperation programmes FOSC and SUSFOOD in 2021
A cooperation programme between African and European countries in the field of renewable energies
This programme concerns the organic food systems. A call has been launched involving the DGRSDT as a funding agency
It is an international Mediterranean research programme focused on three themes: agricultural systems, water management and agri-food value chains. It has two sections: Section 1 is funded by the EU and Section 2 is funded by the DGRSDT

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Sous l'autorité du ministre chargé de la recherche scientifique, la direction générale met en oeuvre, dans un cadre collégial et intersectoriel, la politique nationale de recherche scientifique et de développement technologique